What we offer


Whatever you are looking for, a house, a property on the coast or a luxury residence, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you.
From viewing properties and finding your next home, to arranging your mortgage and completing the sale, we are on hand to advise you every step of the way.

Commercial real estate

Working on behalf of commercial real estate investors, we represent our clients at all stages of the purchase and sale process, conducting thorough research, searching for the right opportunity and taking responsibility for the process at all stages through to completion.
Our expertise covers a variety of investment types, including multi-asset – such as retail, office, building, hotel – portfolios, property holding and financing

Commercial property leasing

For those wishing to lease commercial property, we have unparalleled experience in all markets.
We provide anyone interested in leasing out property with updated, customized advice on all aspects of the commercial transaction, starting from the preparation and presentation of the property. Following that, we monitor the entire process, coordinating marketing operations, targeting the lessees, carrying out presentations, and assuming responsibility for the negotiations.
A comprehensive service for owners or tenants.

Property management

If you want to invest in real estate, acquire new offices, or lease out your property, we provide specialized residential and commercial property management services. Our advice is always honest and clear. In each negotiation we share our experience and resources, helping you acquire all the knowledge you need in order to reach the best possible decision. Our aim is to establish a relationship of reliability with you, so that, for every property transaction you make, we will be the first you call.


We understand you want, and search towns, villages, and islands for plots of land, farmland, cropland or olive groves, according to your standards and under the terms that best suit your goals.


The most important part of a successful renovation is selecting the right people to work with. Out extensive experience can guarantee the desired outcome, at the best possible price, and within the agreed timetable. Our teams include civil engineers, architects, decorators, sub-contractors, and complete work crews.

Golden Visa

We have established a dedicated Golden Visa desk, supported by a special team of highly trained lawyers and notaries public. Our clientele includes satisfied investors, and their families, from various countries, such as China, Russia, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey.